Thursday, 16 June 2022

Here Is The Problem,

you have a favorite pair of trainers but you do not want them to wear out,

or have to buy new ones, what to do? go to Dean Gunther, a popular tattoo artist from Manchester, UK and have him tattoo a pair onto your feet! although drawn exclusively by hand, seen from a certain angle, the design really does create the illusion that the person is wearing a pair Vibram FiveFingers sneakers with built-in toe slots, the man apparently prefers Nikes, but they don’t make that design, photographs Dean Gunther/Instagram,

“He’s tired of paying for shoes, so he decided he will get his favorite pair of Nikes tattooed on him and he can see the funny side to it!” Dean Gunther told “Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too.” Gunther said that the hardest part was drawing the sneakers by hand, as using a stencil was out of the question. He viewed a 360 rendition of the sneakers and then spent a couple of hours free handing the design onto the client’s feet. The tattooing took another 8 hours to complete,

“Drawing the tattoo on my free hand was the most challenging part. I had to make sure everything flows with the contours of the body,” Gunther said. “I wanted to create the illusion that the person is wearing shoes, even though he’s bare feet. It will definitely make you look twice.” I guess it will, but look out for tintacks!

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