Monday, 20 June 2022


and we were out,

so glad rags on,

it was a warm but overcast day,

we were on our way to visit Steve and Kai, past Cator Park,

it was so muggy Diana took her jacket off,

and here is birthday girl Kai with Diana,

it was going to be a bar-b-q,

we sat on the patio, the acer, pines and azaleas hiding the fish pond,

time for a beer, a couple of Desperado beer with tequila to start,

Kai's cake,

apart form the meat and noodles everything home grown by Steve and Kai,

a very happy Kai,

Steve and myself relaxing,

whilst the girls cook the meal,

Diana all smiles, and what a lovely meal,

and Steve had a chance to use the tray he bought in Paris,

next strawberry picking time,

off the girls went,

and came back with a nice crop for each of us,

home grown and delicious they were too,

time to put the candles on the cake,

and nice it looked to,

time to light them,


time to cut the cake,

a slice,

or corner of cake each,

a beer for Steve,

before tucking in to the cake,

we then took a look at Steve's bees,

in a few weeks they will have filled their overwinter frames with honey,

Steve will then put the next level of frames on the hive,

it is those that he will crop the honey from,

a short video of Steve opening the hive,

plenty of salad left for the next few meals, Steve and Kai certainly have green fingers!

a quick pose,

before cheese,

 and biscuits,

Buddy called by,

as Steve opened the biscuits,

and what a nice selection of cheeses to choose from,

all set for round 2!

Steve tried another brand of beer I stuck with rose wine,

the girls had been busy preparing and cooking meat samosas, it was getting a tad chilly so we popped inside and chatted away, we then made a move for home but not before thanking Steve and Kai for a wonderful afternoon and evening, it was much appreciated, arriving home it was feet up for a couple from Columbo before we were off to bed.

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