Wednesday, 1 June 2022

From No Ducks At All,

a couple of days ago,

to yesterday we had a couple of visits, as well as two huge thunder storms with heavy rain and hail, just a small thing I am only making one post today as I am off to visit Duncan, so here goes,

one duck first thing,

then later I nearly missed this one, not on the top of the house, 

but on top of the neighbours garage,

them two more arrived,

after the first thunderstorm a double rainbow, 

the second rainbow a tad difficult to see,

but the first easy to spot,

the second now a bit easier to see,

the end of the rainbow through the trees,

and somehow a bit brighter,

next a second storm came roaring through,

after which another rainbow appeared in a different position from the first couple,

but this time just a single rainbow, during the day I watched a few documentaries, also Steve called by with a computer cable, we chatted a few days ago and I found a new cable to connect my laptop to the BT box, but he brought one of his spare ones round to see if it would improve my download speed, alas it was not a problem with the cable, after running a few checks it appears my laptop getting well past its best, as it was all working he did not want to change anything, after a coffee and a chat he left and it was time for my evening meal, after which I watched a few 'No Context Brits' which shows us, the Brits, at our best, and worst! next a Lewis, followed just as Diana arrived home by a New Tricks, after a coffee and a chat we rounded the evening off with a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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