Sunday, 19 June 2022

It Was Diana's Day Off,

in the morning I had to pop into town,

I had to pick up my prescription, Diana decided to stay at home,

as it happens it was a rather miserable grey day, and it started to rain,

which thankfully stopped as I passed the church,

in the busy High Street, this is where I was heading, Boots the chemist, unfortunately one medication was not available, so I will have to call back next week,

next stop Sainsburys, we were nearly out of breakfast cereal,

the rain held off until I got to the park, luckily it was not heavy, after a bite to eat,

it was glad rags on,

we were going t London for the second part of my birthday present,

Diana had bought 2 tickets to watch Mrs. Brown's Boys live at the Hammersmith Apollo, having been caught in the rain twice today, we brought an umbrella with us,

there was a bit of a queue, the show was a sell out 3,600 seat event,

a glass of wine and we were upstairs,

this is where we were, the middle circle,


at the intermission another white, I should say a strict 'No Pictures" policy was in place the moment a camera or telephone appeared so did a member of the security staff, but for the grand finale it was all OK as so many people put on their cameras as torches and waved,

on the left Diana's favorite character in the television series, show and film, Buster,

and here it is, the final part of the show,

the entire cast singing and dancing,

Mammy reading out the congratulations telegrams was a show in itself,

this is the first time in two and a half years the show has been performed,

and what a show, the comedy non stop, the punch lines delivered as only Mammy knows how,

a final bow, we both so thoroughly enjoyed the show,

here is the a part of the grand finale,

 here is a piece I posted about the show in January 2020:

'creator Brendan O’Carroll, who plays formidable Irish housewife Agnes ‘Mammy’ Brown on the show, has announced that there are plans to cash in its global reputation with a new tour of a musical version called Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Live Show, the show seems to divide viewers into love it or loath it groups, and true to the programs nature, “Just change the damn channel,” Brendan commented, and here is the good news, Brendan O’Carroll wants to do an UK tour in 2021 “There are places in the UK that we don’t reach because we only do tours for 12 weeks,” he said. ‘In those 12 weeks you can’t get everywhere. We’ve never seen Mrs. Brown in Bournemouth, Hull, Edinburgh or Blackpool, so let’s do that. by 2021, Brendan is planning an international tour that includes five weeks in Australia, then one week in New Zealand, four weeks in South Africa, then five weeks on the east coast of America and five weeks in Canada, and in perhaps the strangest item of news about the so funny series is that it has been named the number one comedy in Jamaica, ‘Listen, Mrs Brown’s Boys is the number one comedy in Jamaica. People need to go out more’ commented Brendan, all I know is that we love it, if you have not looked at the show give it a try, you might like it, or not!',

again I have to say how much we totally enjoyed the show, but as I mentioned, you will either love or hate the series/show, there does not seem to be any middle ground, but there it is, we both love it, we had a easy journey home, what a thoroughly pleasant evening, and many thanks to Diana for buying me such a thoughtful present, we arrived home for a nightcap and a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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