Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Now That The Sunny Weather Has Arrived,

the sunlight has made a bit of an impact on the aquarium,

after Diana left for work I decided to give the aquarium a clean, the algae on the inside glass grows so quickly, I have in fact put a piece of card on one side of the aquarium to stop the sunlight getting in, so a spring clean it was then, next upstairs to print a few things off for the shop, the printer there has gone mustang, and I do not mind printing off a few bits and pieces, in the afternoon it was such a nice day I took my book and music out into the garden, after my evening meal it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, by which time Diana had arrived home from work, so a coffee and a chat as we watched a New Tricks and a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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