Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Day 4 And We Are Going Home,

but not until we have seen a few more sights,

knowing that I would make a hash of it, Diana and Kai sorted out the tickets for the Metro,

and in no time our train had arrived,

the girls settled down for the journey,

and here we are,

at the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, France, standing at the western end of the Champs-Élysées at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle, formerly named Place de l'Étoile—the étoile or "star" of the juncture formed by its twelve radiating avenues,

luckily the coach moved,

next a walk for the girls to look at the shops, along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in case you do not know there are so many hi-so shops here it is untrue,

although closed until this evening when we were here in March 2018 we bought 2 VIP tickets for a meal and the show, what a night to remember!

the House of Dior,

Steve and myself had to wait for the girls to catch up, well not really the queue to get into the handbag shop was just way too long! 

looking back to Dior,

and along the avenue away from it,

this looked cute,

with its sort of added on bit at the front,

 we crossed the avenue as we saw a café we wanted to buy a couple of drinks in,

I was surprised to see a fisherman fishing on the avenue, but look carefully at the bow in his fishing rod to see what he is fishing for,

a few coins or better still notes in his cup!

as soon as we sat, we knew why this table was empty, the sun was so hot we moved,

luckily this one became vacant,

all of this walking was thirsty work,

after a few photographs and a drink,

we were on our way past this attractive looking shop front, after a few more hours we arrived back at the restaurant next to our hotel,

time for our late afternoon meal, Steve chose an omelet, Kai and Diana went with a spaghetti dish, a chicken salad for myself, the bill with 3 soft drinks and one glass of wine came to just about £100, for what was really just a snack, I think it is a sign of things to come, in that eating out will be just so expensive compared to before covid, plus the increase in gas, oil and electricity price increases come down the line,

but there it is, a short rest,

and we were on our way, but I have to mention how poor the Eurostar service was, on the way out they had run out of white wine, but at least they had a few nibbles to munch on, but on the return journey before we had even reached the tunnel, no red, white or rose wine, no crisps, nuts or Pringles, nothing! what a shower they must be who ever is running the company, all of the food and drinks they sell have a huge shelf life so why not keep them in stock? I guess they do not need the money that the 400 passengers or I should say customers per train want to spend!

now the good news, reaching London, the girls disappeared into E L & N cake shop,

leaving Steve and myself to look after the luggage,

mission successful! we said goodbye to Steve and Kai as their station is one before ours, what a fabulous weekend break it was we all really enjoyed ourselves, on the way home Diana bought a Indian meal for two,

which was delicious,

yummy! whilst Diana was unpacking I spent a few hours making a start on resizing the photographs and made a start on writing the blog, we then watched a Midsomer Murder followed by a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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