Saturday, 4 June 2022

It Was A Nice Bright Start To The Day,

we had decided on a walk into town,

but first a couple of ducks,

had arrived on the roof,

glad rags on,

and we were off past Foxgrove Lodge, we had a few bits of shopping to pick up, but we were going to feed the ducks in the park first,

still no celebrations on the green which seems a bit of a shame,

and here we are in Kelsey Park,

we walked over the river Beck,

where it was time for a pose,

the last time we were here this tree looked magnificent,

but inside at the base it was rotten to the core,

further up the trunk the wood looked solid, it just goes to show how outward appearances can be deceptive,

over the outlet from the lake, in the far left,

some ducks taking a rest, I wonder if one of them could be the same ones that visit the roof opposite us?

out with the peanuts,

as well as the usual ducks there was just this one female mandarin duck,

as it happens there were not many of the usual ducks here,

one of the lakes big carp cruises near the surface,

we made our way to where there were some squirrels and crows,

out with the peanuts,

Diana was making a video,

of the squirrel who seemed quite tame,

and also throwing a few peanuts to the crows,

he was very cheeky,

and here is the video of him taking the peanuts form Diana's fingers with out biting her,

across the lake,

a heron sat waiting for any unwary fish to show themselves,

we stopped to feed a few more ducks,

there was a bit of fighting going on between them,

then on the left we saw these racing towards us,

two ducklings,

behind Diana a couple of ducks were waiting to be feed,

also a coot with youngsters arrived,

normally this flower bed is awash with blooms, but not today,

and just past the flower bed where it normally is in the summer time,

the ice cream van,

two to go,

just what the doctor ordered,

and then there was one!

no prizes for guessing where the second one went,

we walked to a bench,

to sit while we ate our ice creams,

the view opposite us, in the distance,

the giant Chilean rhubarb, (Gunnera manicata), starting to look really nice,

we continued walking and was treated to a glimpse of a few baby coots,

underneath one of their parents,

some of the rhododendrons still in flower,

the footbridge over this end of the lake still closed,

I wonder which footbridge will be repaired first, this one or the one over the railway at Beckenham Junction,

a pair of geese with their goslings,

another squirrel had found Diana,

and one was behind her as well,

we made our way back to where we had entered the park,

looking over the giant rhubarb towards where the ice cream van was,

a final look at the lake,

we passed the gate house,

it was here that Diana went shopping for a few bits and pieces,

as I made my way past the church,

to go to O'Neil's where I waited for Diana with a pint or two,

selfie time,

arriving home a read and a sherry,

Diana had made herself some Filipino dumplings with noodles,

for myself a slice of Jubilee pork pie, hot sausage rolls with potato salad and coleslaw, in the early part of the evening we listened to music, 
then feet up for Aces High, a First World War story of the Royal Flying Corps, it was bad enough being shot at by the Germans, but it was even worse when the British high command refuse to give parachutes to the pilots! next a documentary, 

Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence, which was quite entertaining showing all of the scientific examinations of the loch, to round the evening off,

 Total Recall, we had watched the film before, here is what I wrote then, 'no tongue in cheek story line here like the 1990 version, this was a real all out every thing in the effects department goes, having said that the story was so different from the earlier versions but instead of travelling to different planets the protagonists travelled to the other side of earth, but still a great film to watch', and with the end of that we were off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stanley & Diana- lovely day out! Best picture award goes to the one showing Stanley’s big smile while holding his ice cream cone! Ageless pose!
Regards-John &Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, so often it is the simple things in life that can bring so much pleasure, an ice cream with a chocolate flake, waking up to the first snow of the winter, at the other extrema a rainbow after a summer storm, just keep things simple! and many thanks for your kind comment about the photograph, best regards, Stan and Diana.