Thursday, 2 June 2022

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as there ate lots of photographs, from both of us,

I popped down to visit Duncan, meanwhile Diana went on a shopping fest with Kai and Jeab to London, first thing the ducks were back on the rooftop,

three of them, I still can not work out why they should prefer to be on the top of a roof rather than in one of the many lakes and ponds nearby,

moving on, for myself a walk to the bus stop,

it looked a bit grey

I had not noticed this tree before,

the normally green leaves almost all white,

I caught the number 54 bus and was soon passing Peter Pans pool,

when I spotted this sign,

which having passed this way many times before I noticed very few observe,

a slightly better photograph than last time of the top of the bus stop garden,

I am surprised that the garden is only on two of the stops that I pass, I would have thought that having made a bee and wildlife garden on a couple more would have followed,

I was into Catford and passing the cat,

Lewisham next and the never ending building project still boarded up,

I do like this house as I neared Blackheath,

off of the bus in the start of Blackheath village,

and past the flower shop to the station,

I could not have planned it better,

just a one minute wait for the train to take me to Dartford,

where the fountain in the lake next door was working,

the weeping willows at one end of the lake looking nice,

a bit of a wait here for the next train to take me to Gravesend,

arriving at Gravesend it was a bit cloudy,

all I had to do now was wait for a 481 or 483 bus, to take me to the library stop near the nursing home,

off of the bus and under the cherry tree,

with, yes you guessed it,

lots of cherries ripening,

as I was chatting to Duncan when one of the local cats called by, I forgot to mention that last week it was Duncan's birthday, 75 years old, Duncan was tucking into the chocolates as we reminisced about times past and the present, after saying goodbye I retraced my steps,

bus to Gravesend, train to Dartford, a change of train then to Blackheath village, over the road for the number 54 and I was on the final leg of the journey,

on the bus I noticed this sign, or I should say painted advertisement on the side of a building,

like so many you can still see on buildings from an age long gone, in case you are wondering, it is not the letter C, it is a letter G, as in Grainer, someone who paints inexpensive wood or marble to make it look expensive,

I wonder if this building will ever be finished? I used to go this route every day in the 1960s - 70s for 5 years when I was an apprentice, and since then the building has never been finished, just locked up for a few years then a flurry of work until I guess it is sold on, and someone else pours money into it,

a better view of the Catford cat,

past the Downham entrance to the park,

and the Beckenham entrance I will be using later, Foxgrove Lodge almost overgrown with the wisteria,

I was not going straight home, I had some shopping to do, so I stayed on the bus until the stop by the green, I was expecting a number of stalls selling handicrafts with food and drink, but there were none,

into Marks & Spencer's,

shopping finished and into the park past Foxgrove Lodge,

where one of the pink peonies had just started to flower, arriving home feet up for a coffee as I waited for Diana to come home from her shopping fest in London, and here is her day with Kai and Jeab,

their day started here,

in the flag decked Covent Garden,

which looked surprisingly quiet,

time for a couple of photographs,

and a selfie,

Diana had made a short video of the ceiling with the flags,

flags everywhere as you might expect,

a few more photographs,

before starting shopping again,

it looks like the shop in Kingsmen,

back to shopping,

all of this shopping and walking was taking its toll,

so it was time to pop into a restaurant, Kai nearest the camera, the restaurant Eat Tokyo,

and now Diana,

and there was Jeab,

the food had arrived,

and there was lots of it!

I am not even going to try to guess what all of the dishes were,

but they all looked so nice, shopping and eating over Diana said her farewells to Kai and Jeab and made a move for home,

arriving home it was time for our evening meal, but for some reason Diana was not hungry, so for myself a sherry and a read,

followed by a prawn cocktail,

and a Indian meal, king prawn bhuna and a fruity chicken curry with rice, then it was feet up for the evenings film, 

 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, which we had watched before many years ago, but it was a good choice to watch again, after which it was a New Tricks followed by one more from Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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