Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Day 3 Part 2,

when the paddle steamer had disappeared,

we continued walking until,

we came across these two ducks, who were not fazed in the slightest by Diana getting so close,

past the tower,

we made our way to the next bridge,

which was the road and Metro bridge,

a strange looking vehicle, it is a water going tourist bus or DUKW,

we started our way across the river Siene,

the tower behind us,

stopping for a few photographs on the way,

and of course,

I had to strike the pose,

as one of the tourist boats executed a 180 degree turn,

I noticed this gentleman's yacht,

cruising towards us, not quite big enough, my almost ideal boat,

we soon walked to the fountains,

the tower in the distance,

considering how hot it was,

I was surprised that there was less than a dozen or so people cooling off in the water,

it was certainly a nice display,

and every so often,

if you watched carefully you were rewarded with a rainbow,

one from Diana,

and I saw another rainbow,

well I just had to,

as did Diana,

and myself,

where it was a bit drier,

leaving the fountains behind,

we walked up the hill,

and found this fence,

with hundreds of 'love locks' on,

going downhill,

the fountains now on our right,

we crossed the road,

and bought tickets for a 1 hour cruise,

but first,


but not just any old slushy, the tube could be filled with different flavors,

Diana's turn,

blue and orange,

'Cheers!', as it happens I did see some people with a 3 flavored slushy!

time to join the queue for the cruise,

all aboard,

we were facing the sun on the first part of the journey,

but did we care?

we were soon under way when we noticed this on the far riverbank,

I can only guess it is for some type of diving competition into the river,

next this art work, again I do not have a clue as to what it is all about,

we were next passing the stature of  Zouave, he is a measure of how bad the flooding is in the area, the river embankments are usually is closed when the Seine's level reaches the feet of the Zouave, when the water hits his thighs, the river is unnavigable, during the great flood of the Seine in 1910, the level reached his shoulders,

we passed the T. Rex,

and under more of the bridges,

next pass a Amphicar, happy both on the roads and in the water, that as it happens we saw here way back in May 2016,

what a lovely boat,

we were slowly making our way to Notre Dame,

where the boat will perform a 180,

cheers and waves for another boat on its way back,

next under the Pont des Arts, the 'padlock bridge' a footbridge that offers one of the most romantic views of Paris,

what a lovely place to have a picnic,

all along the island, 


were enjoying the sunshine with food and drink,

the Notre Dame,

but this time at river level,

we started our turn,

this time we will have the sun behind us,

along the bank various music,

or dance lessons were being held,

we passed the end of one of the islands,

people lining the banks,

we were going past the Court of Cassation

it is one of France's courts of last resort having jurisdiction over all matters triable in the judicial stream within it's scope of certifying questions of law and review in determining miscarriages of justice,

the next island with the willow tree,

came into view,

as we made our way back,

one of the two clocks,

on what was once the railway station,

another dance school,

everybody having a good time,

we are nearing where the floating restaurants are moored,

this is the back of one of them that we ate at on the riverside,

the onion domes in the distance,

nearly there,

under the tents there is a food and craft market so we will have a look when we dock,

we pulled in near the carousel,

and walked up the steps to the fair,

lots to eat and drink, but for us we were going to have a small snack at the hotel,

looking down people queuing up for the next cruise,

we made our way back past the tower, when we noticed it had a almost golden glow to it, the suns rays were giving it a beautiful look,

even a part of the scaffolding underneath had the glow,

I am not sure what this is, but behind it there is a normal sized car to give an indication of how small the car at the front is,

 last look at the tower as we made our way into the road our hotel is in,

we just had a snack before arranging a time to meet tomorrow, if you would like to see our last day in Paris, just click on the 'Older Posts' button at the bottom right hand side, and with that we were off to bed.

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