Tuesday, 7 June 2022

For A Change Today,

one duck, one pigeon,

as soon as it was 09.00AM I called Aviva, I actually called a few weeks ago to request my P60, it is a form showing how much tax I had paid which is needed every year in order to complete the years tax assessment, I was told to call back in the first week of June, which I did, I was told everyone was busy but in just a couple of minutes I was put through, security questions answered and I was informed that an email would be winging its way to me with the P60 attached, and sure enough there it was in my inbox, all completed in less than 5 minuets, after finishing posting blog, my exercises, having a shower, breakfast, a coffee and a read of the mornings papers, I decided to download the P60 and pop upstairs to print it, so I would have all of the paperwork for my tax year to drop off at the accountants tomorrow, well you know my luck with things like this, I opened the email and you guessed it, no P60 attached! I called back,

my luck struck again, bearing in mind the first call was completed in less than 5 minutes, this time 29 minutes, just 2 or at the most 3 to ask for the P60, the rest waiting in a queue to be answered, why does this thing always happen to me? in the afternoon after downloaded my P60 popping upstairs and printing it I watched a couple of documentaries, 

finishing my evening meal it was feet up for a Aussie Lobster Men, image ITV which I followed with today's Isle of Man TT races, the speeds these guys go round the 37.73 mile circuit is truly frightening, especially when viewed through the camera on their motorcycles, after a Midsomer Murder Diana arrived home, we watched a New Tricks and Silent Witness over a coffee and a chat before we were off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stanley and Diana
Sad to admit but I believe most all in the world are asking “why does this always happy to me” as mass failure of electronic answering systems worldwide continue to do a flunking job of customer service. I bet if you compare notes with others you will find the 80/20 rule applies- 80% do not get their request answered first try. Only 20% are really taken care of properly during first attempt. I also bet during the golden era the ratio was reversed. This tells us things are going down rapidly worldwide from a quality of life standpoint, while all expense are going up. Not a good environment forward for most of us! Therefore, one must drink more and ignore all government news as it is just a sad reminder of the corruption afoot.
Best Regards,
John and Alley
Boerne TX

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, I am sure you are correct about the 80/20, but for myself I still think when anything like this, or any thing electrical is concerned I am batting above the average, I am sure I am more 90/10! as for governments ours is as correct as any one else, it is just that ours is not accountable, the same as the EU, over 18 years the EU has not had its accounts audited, there is not an accounting company in the world that will sign off the EUs books as it is so corrupt! back to the drink! best regards, Stan and Diana.