Thursday, 9 June 2022

Not That I Would Ever Want One,

how could I buy something,

knowing the appalling way the materials used in all electric cars manufacture abuses the earth and children so much? and then blatantly lying about it, as a far as I am concerned all electric vehicles are a part of the problem, not the answer, also the sheer cost of them, take the one above, image credits Qiantu Motor,

it is the Qiantu K20,

boasting a 0 to 100 km/h in as little as 4.7 seconds, the model is available in a single-motor long-range version and a dual-motor 4WD version, with the long-range version having a range of 500 kilometers (300 miles) according to the company, Qiantu, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CH-Auto Technology Co Ltd, was founded in 2015,

depending on the specification the 2 seater car will be available in a number of colour configurations, and the price? the basic car $13,000 or at today's rate £10,400 or you can go to the top of the range with all of the buttons and bells for $22,000 at today's rate £17,600 details from this article, I told you these all electric vehicles were expensive! I hope you did not pay more for your one, but seriously if this company can sell cars at prices like this could it be that other manufactures are ripping all electric car buyers off?

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