Thursday, 23 June 2022

Many Years Ago,

when we were in Hong Kong,

we ate here, at Jumbo Kingdom, way back in October 2015 as it happens,

as you might expect,

we had a wonderful meal, so we were sad to see that due to the covid crises it had closed, and worse still had sunk,

the restaurant was towed away last Tuesday, where it was intended to be moved to a lower-cost site where maintenance could be carried out, it was said that prior to its departure, the vessel had been thoroughly inspected by marine engineers and hoardings were installed, and all relevant approvals were obtained,

a longer video above, for the full story have a look here, such a shame that it closed, and worse still sunk, it must have had millions of happy customers and their memories over the years, it is times like this I am so happy that we post the blog, with just a couple of clicks we can relive so much of our time together since we first meet.

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