Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Do Not Mess With Fish 275,

and you thought fish were fun!

well these are as it happens, it has always been notoriously difficult  to print the scales of fish and make them look truly lifelike,

it took more than a year to finally commercialize the printing process, born through collaboration between "Chiba Printing," which has experience in special printing technology and prints using a variety of papers, and "SANAGI design studio," a design studio,

the results are stunning, not only looking like real fish scales,

but they have the texture and touch of real scales,  the cards have been made to represent a number of fish, so far there are cards or tiles if you prefer of Mackerel / Mackerel / Tachiuo / Katsuo / Yamame / Iwashi / Beta / Salmon / Blowfish / Trout / Kiss / Aji / Saba (Thailand) / Arowana / Kasago / Mackerel (Rainbow trout) / Rainbow trout (Tuna) / Flying fish (Blowfish) / Fugu / Mahi-mahi / Piranha / Mackerel (Funa) / Black trout (Black bass) / Ayu (Ayu) / Hata (Hata), in all there are 24 tiles, all of which are design to be used to play a game, 


I should also mention the tiles are waterproof, 

from the instructions:

① Let the reader read the name of the fish.
② Judge the fish only on the surface and take the ticket quickly.
③ If you don't know the name, read the hint.
④ The winner is the one with the most cards.

the cards/tiles can be found here, with various plans of how to buy them, good looking and tactile as they are I can see one slight problem, with only 24 types of fish they will be easy to memorises, but who knows, with about 32,000 species of fish in the world, as it happens that is greater than the total of all other vertebrate species (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) combined, it should not be to difficult to increase the number of cards three or even four fold.

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