Thursday, 16 June 2022

Do Not Mess With Fish 276,

and you thought fish were fun!

photograph Google Streetvew, but they are not fun this time, as a shocking tale of fish abuse surfaces, Holden Pond next to Kibbles Lane and Holden Corner in Southborough has been the scene of fish abuse, for the "Health and Safety" of the fish, the local council decided to remove all of the fish, the pond had become "increasingly a focal point for anti-social behaviour and animal cruelty" said the council. The situation had become "critical" in the past few weeks, as reports of abuse escalated, apparently people had been fishing in the pond! who would have thought it? apparently the fish have been removed as in the councils words the fish, "have been in increasing distress following escalating anti-social behavior" the council said: "As a small town council, we do not have the resources to police the pond, increasingly a focal point for anti-social behaviour and animal cruelty", it seems a bit drastic and I am still not sure what 'anti-social behavior' has to do with the fish, but there it is, you can read the full story here, as an aside, removing the fish that eat mosquito larvae, I hope the locals have plenty of mosquito spray!

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