Saturday, 18 June 2022

I Normally Have No Trouble,

in getting a goodnights sleep,

but apparently wannabe vampires are not so lucky if they do not have a coffin to sleep in, back in 2020 the company Ziggy Vamp according to @press, initiated a crowdfunding campaign for the vampire coffin bed in 2020, and realized that there was a demand for this kind of unusual furniture, so they set up a production line,

the vampire coffins come in two sizes – a standard 187-cm-long option, and a 197-cm standard-plus,

in case you tire of the vampire scene, the coffin can be used as a couch, dining table or as an extra storage space,

I should say the hand-made casket is made from actual wood, by carpenters at established woodworking and upholstering companies Yushin Kensho and Dainichi, but they are highly customizable and have multiple uses, you can order the bed in various colors, from classic black to pink, opt for a variety of metallic accessories like handles and crosses, and choose the type and color of upholstery from velour or satin,

so how much to sleep like a vampire? the coffins start at 429,000 yen at today's rate £2,600 or $3,179, it may seem a lot, but what price would you put on a goodnights, (or if you are really are a vampire) days sleep!

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