Friday, 3 June 2022

Looking Out Of The Window,

only one duck this morning,

on the left hand side,

there he is,

no sooner had I put the camera down,

another one arrived,

it was a great day of course, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations going on all over the country, I took this picture from the television, we watched some of the celebrations as we got ready for our picnic,

all set and ready to roll!

we took chairs with us as we had no idea how many people would be in the park, and many thanks to Rainham Steve for our picnic basket,

all the fun of the fair!

inside the mansion there was a arts and crafts display, but we did not go inside,

we were going to sit in the formal gardens if there was no one on the bench and table there,

not far now,

and here we are in the formal garden,

Diana was ahead of me,

and no one was using the table,

which was great for us,

one from Diana's telephone,

our view across the garden,

we had come well prepared for our picnic,

lots of sandwiches,

and a jubilee pork pie,

as well as coleslaw and a new potato salad,

the jubilee pie with its raspberry jam topping,

this one from Diana's telephone,

and my pocket camera, but something was missing,

and here it is,


which put up bit of a fight,

easy does it,

a top up after the bubbles settled,

'Cheers!', from Diana,

from Diana's telephone,

what could be better on this memorable day?

we then had a guest arrive,

a cheeky chappie,

who liked a piece of Scotch egg, Diana made this short video of him,

for dessert we had brought with us,

a selection of fruits, meal over we decided to grab a few rays, so we made a move away from the garden that was shaded,

and settled just below the mansion, glasses off,


Diana's view of the park, in the late afternoon we made move for home,

past the fun fair,

it was all so colourful,

and on the left,

the Punch & Judy show which brought back so many childhood memories of hazy summer days at the seaside,

Diana took a turn at wheeling the trolley, arriving home I had a change of clothes, 

before I was out again, as Vic was in town Steve and myself brought our Friday evening drink forward by a day, 

so past the green, which I thought would have had a few stalls on, selling handicrafts as well as food and drink, bus alas nothing was there today, on to the 227 bus,

and I was soon at the Moon & Stars,

Steve and Vic were both hungry, I was still full from our picnic, we chatted the night away literally, Steve looked at his watch, it was just before midnight! luckily the buses were still running,

I made my way past the cemetery and home where it was feet up for a nightcap, before we were off to bed.


Vic said...

Just to let you know that I got home okay Stan, I caught a bus round the corner and changed in central Croydon. I'm tired today, so no work for me!

PattayaStan said...

Dear Vic, that is great news tat you got buses home, I thought I might have missed the last bus, but I was lucky one arrived shortly after I crossed the road, what a great evening the time literally just flew past, best regards, Stan and Diana.