Monday, 20 June 2022

Would You Lick Something That A Total Stranger Has Just Licked?

no I thought not,

photograph The Mission/Facebook but that is exactly what patrons of The Mission, a popular restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, actually do, the walls are made of pink Himalayan salt, according to WLBT3, the head chef was the one who brought the salt rocks in to add to the overall ambiance of the place and to give patrons a new way of enjoying their tequila shots. Suck on a lime, lick the wall and down the shot. At least that was the original idea, but people started licking it whether they were drinking tequila or not!

photograph Trip Advisor now I now it is salt and salt kills pretty much everything, but do I really want to lick a wall, especially if the previous person has some nasty mouth mould fungus that is as yet incurable? but there it is, if you fancy a wall lick pop over to The Mission!

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