Friday, 12 November 2021

A Good Start To The Day,

as promised,

the BT min hub arrived late in the morning, 

and was soon working so I could make a start at finishing the post of our day in London, so our blog, with the completion of this post although late will nearly up to date, now the bad news, the BT engineer did not arrive, I called at 2.00 in the afternoon and was asked if I could be available on Friday morning I said yes, and that is why today, Friday, the posts are a bit late, the engineer arrived before 09.00 on Friday morning and spent some time here, more of that tomorrow,

back to Thursday, I had a bit more shopping to do,

so back into town to Lidl, yesterday I had bought 4 boxes of wine, I thought I still had some spiced rum, regrettably not,

so back to Lidl to buy some, also some fresh flowers for the weekend,

after Diana called and we returned home it was then feet for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, great fun especially watching Deep Roy play the oomph Loompas, and who at 72 years old is still going strong, we rounded off the evening with a New Tricks, the good news, with this post we will be totally up to date, so with that we were off to bed.

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