Sunday, 7 November 2021

I, Like I Guess Many Others,

take a daily vitamin tablet,

safe in the knowledge that it is doing me good, well at least not doing me any harm, thanks to modern day trials and test most of which we take is safe, but it was not always so, above a bottle of a Radithor, (Source: Wikimedia Commons), Radithor, which was distilled water containing two radioactive substances, radium and mesothorium, was sold in small 2 oz bottles and was guaranteed to contain at least 1 microcurie each of Ra-226 and Ra-228, the manufacturer of Radithor, Bailey Radium Laboratories of East Orange, New Jersey claimed that the expensive tonic gave users a boost of energy and cured dozens of illnesses, including anorexia, hysteria, insomnia,

above Eben Byers’ death announced in the New Jersey News Paper (Source: WowScience), enter Eben Byers, a wealthy American socialite and industrialist, started consuming Radithor at the suggestion of his physician. He had injured his arm on a party train following a Harvard-Yale football game, and he was prescribed Radithor to help with the healing process. In December of 1927, he started drinking about three bottles of the radium-infused distilled water every day and continued to do so for the next couple of years, it is believed that he consumed upwards of 1,400 bottles of Radithor until 1930, when his teeth started falling out, Eben Byers was in his 50s when the radioactive “energy drink” started taking a toll on his body. It started with his teeth, but that was only the beginning of the end. In 1931, when Robert Hiner Winn, an attorney for the Federal Trade Commission, was sent to interview Byers as part of building a case against the maker of Radithor, he was horrified by the businessman’s condition.

According to Winn’s report, when Eben Byers opened the door of his mansion to welcome him inside, his entire lower jaw and chin were gone, rotted away by radium poisoning. The 51-year-old only had two teeth sticking out of a bone fragment below his nose, and even had holes in his skull exposing his brain, the full story is here, but be warned, the real images are a bit gruesome, all I can say is thank goodness that today anything we take or are injected with has been fully tried and tested before being released on the public, now where is my vitamin tablet? it is a good one containing cesium, cobalt, iodine, plutonium, polonium, radium, radon and strontium, I bought the extra strength one with the extra heavy dose of uranium-235, strange thing is, since taking the tablets my pee glows in the dark.


jpo5626 said...

I thought glowing pee resulted from too much spiced rum before bedtime!!Ha,Ha
Sorry you missed the fireworks but looks like the group had a grand dinner!
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, you could be right, glow in the dark pee, I wonder if there is a market for it? I can offer an almost unlimited supply! yes a shame about the fireworks, the powers that be want to cut down on private displays and then does not really offer an alternative, but as you say the meal was delicious, it was a pity Diana was not there but we did have a lovely meal the following evening, best regards, Stan and Diana.