Monday, 8 November 2021

In The Realms Of Super Fast, Super Cars,

for myself, names like the Bugatti Chiron comes to mind, 

the car comes from the factory with 1,577 horsepower, or perhaps the SSC Tuatara, that allegedly makes 1,750 horsepower, or its American rival, the Hennessey Venom F5 that makes a staggering 1,817 horsepower, even the Rimac Nevera, which is the world's fastest accelerating car makes just 1,888 horsepower, and the car pictured above? I had never even heard of it until now, but the SP Automotive Chaos makes 2,049 horsepower in its base trim configuration, that trim is called "Earth Version," It can apparently build 1,025 lb-ft (1,390 Nm) of torque, it reportedly redlines at 10,000 RPM photographs Spyros Panopoulos,

but if that is not enough go for the "Zero Gravity" trim level, which features the full 3,065 horsepower. Torque is bumped to 1,463 lb-ft (1,983.5 Nm). According to SP Automotive, the Chaos Zero Gravity can run from 0-60 in just 1.55 seconds and on through a quarter of a mile in just 7.5, that is amazing,

I should say these are the manufactures claims, SP Automotive says they have already sold one Chaos, so if you are in your Bugatti Chiron, SSC Tuatara, or any Ferrari, Porsche, et al and you see a Chaos behind you, move over and let the really fast car through, how much is a Chaos? well if you have to ask you can not afford one, but in case you are tempted,

prospective customers can expect to pay between $6.4 million to $14.4 million, depending on the configuration, I was tempted to by Diana one in pink, but she has not passed her driving test, yet.

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