Friday, 5 November 2021

I Have Not Featured A Tattoo Artist For Some Time,

so here is one that has a slightly different take on tattoos,

photographs Instagram, holographic sticker tattoos are now apparently 'the thing', to have, 

they are the work of Brazilian tattoo artist Clayton Dias,

he has developed his own technique of giving sticker tattoos the holographic treatment, which gives them a characteristic metallic shimmer, “The ideas came from a study of colours that I decided to apply in the form of a holographic drawing,” Dias told My Modern Met. “In this style, it differs a lot from the technique I already used, it’s been very good to innovate something. A holographic tattoo requires good technique in applying colours.”

 he developed a technique to make the stickers appear holographic, which requires a firm knowledge of shading, light reflection and subtle changes in colour, but he excels not only in these holographic sticker tattoos, but looking at his Instagram pages, he is talented in other forms of tattoo art, they certainly look different, but not for myself.

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