Monday, 22 November 2021

We Had Decided To Go To The Craft Food Market,

at Crystal Palace,

all set,

or so we thought,

although there was not a frost it was bitterly cold with quite a wind, so Diana changed to a warmer jacket,

after catching a 227 bus, we soon arrived at the park, 
not as many stalls as were here on our last visit in April this year,

time for a pose,

we passed the restaurant that we later found out has a monopoly on hot drinks in the park,


there were all manner of stalls selling food,

as you might imagine this one was Diana's favorite,

it took a few minutes as the food is cooked to order,

and was expertly prepared,

meanwhile I was at the craft beer and gin stall,

a pint of the best,


and one from Diana,

I am not sure what it was, but Diana pronounced it delicious,

I mentioned it was cold, Diana wanted a hot coffee to drink and just as importantly to warm her hands,

but bad news, we were told the café runs the park, in the winter all stallholders are told they can not sell hot coffee or chocolate, what a nasty way to treat stall holders, the reason we did not go to the café was the huge queue, we now understood why,

anyway Diana decided to queue for a coffee,

which gave me lots of time for a second pint!

it was so cold I even put my collar up,

before we started walking towards the creatures which are illuminated at night, they appear to be tame, but do not touch!

in the daytime they looked like fun,

and a little bit scary dairy!

well not all of them,

they are made of cloth stretched over a wireframe,

with lights inside of them,

to illuminate them at night,

time for a pose from Diana,

I had a few peanuts with me to feed the ducks,

and past the pandas,

to the flowers,

we were now nearing the lake,

so things took an aquatic turn,

this cheeky frog made us both chuckle,

news got around that we had peanuts,

and quickly spread,

it might be me, but this chap looked really fat, or maybe it is his winter coat,

back to the other attractions,

as we passed the dinosaurs in the distance,

one of my favorite trees, well a few of them,

monkey puzzle trees, (Araucaria araucana),

looking nice against the blue sky,

well I just had to!

it was a perfect day,

except the bitingly cold wind,

the birds have taken over the lakes boats for the winter, as an aside all of the above photographs were taken with Diana's new telephone, I have to admit they come out of the telephone looking really nice, but here is a strange thing, when I upload them they are not in the order that Diana took them in, how strange is that?

it was quite late when we returned home, so a late sherry and read it was then,

for our starter a real surprise, Diana had bought a lobster tail for each of us, delicious!

roast beef for our main course followed by a fresh fruit salad,

in the evening it was feet up for Gosford Park, a very enjoyable murder mystery with an all star cast, we followed that with a Colombo, I am only making this one post today as for some reason either my computer the Internet is running at a snails pace, so with that we were off to bed.

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