Tuesday, 9 November 2021

How Many Of These,

must I have thrown away over the years?

but I did not have the mind of Paris-based graphic designer Jean Marie Lambert,

instead of throwing away bottle caps he one day decided to combine them into an original mosaic, and the result was so impressive that he decided to turn it into a whole series,

inspired by famous artworks like the Mona Lisa, Lambert creates mosaics that a just detailed enough to be familiar and attract viewers’ attention,

for most of his artworks, the artist also post a diagram with the total number of caps used, the types of caps used, and the most used caps,

although Lambert got the idea for his mosaics from the beer caps of beer he drank himself, these days, he receives beer cap donations from fans all over the world,

and there was me going to email him to see if he needed an assistant to help collect the bottle caps, oh well it seemed like a good idea! for more of Jean Marie Lambert’s beer cap mosaics, check out his Instagram.

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