Sunday, 7 November 2021

I Had A Spring Clean Day,

hoovering, watering the plants, 

and cleaning out the aquarium and giving it a water change, in the late afternoon I watched an old war film, The Cruel Sea, it was on one of the cable channels, as I mentioned when I watched it before it was made all the more realistic as our English literary master, Mr. Nesbit, did in fact serve on a corvette similar to the Compass Rose, a great, if only in British eyes film, in the evening I had arranged to meet with Steve and Kai at the fireworks display in Beckenham Recreation ground, they arrived before myself and got into the ground, after queueing for 30 minutes or so word came back through the queue that the gates were closed so that was that, I bibbled over to the restaurant where we had booked a table,

after the show Steve and Kai joined me in the restaurant,

our starters, mixed kebab for Steve, a prawn dish for Kai, prawn puri for myself,

on to our mains, what a feast! we had a selection of lamb and chicken dishes,

as well as onion bhajis, aloo gobi and two types of rice,


Steve rounded off the meal with a coffee, I decided on a port, 

it was a good job we booked a table, the place inside and out was packed, the meal came to £142.51 for the three of us, Steve and Kai started their walk back home I took a number 54 bus, arriving home not 10 minutes later Diana arrived, so it was catch up on the day over a coffee for Diana a spiced rum for myself, one from Endeavour and we were off to bed.

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