Thursday, 25 November 2021

First Thing,

I was out,

and on my way to the doctors surgery,

past Beckenham Green,

and down the steps past My Place that we had a meal in last week,

no waiting at the surgery, straight in, sample taken and appointment for the doctor to telephone call me in a couple of weeks time to explain the results, so back past the rear of the church,

and the other end of the green,

it was over there looking this way that I took the photograph of the green earlier,

in the park, a nice touch, some one presumably the council had planted a couple of saplings,

it could of course be a home owner, I hope they have a better future than the ones planted last year,

three saplings were planted with protective coverings around them, but it did not stop Neanderthals,

visiting the three saplings armed with a saw,

and cutting them all down,

on a happier note, we received this video of the new house in the Philippines, hopefully it will be finished before Christmas, also here is one I should of posted yesterday when we were at the craft/food fair,

we did not order a pie ourselves, but it was interesting watching the chef make one, arriving home I spent most of the morning making yesterdays post,

in the evening before Diana returned it was time for my evening meal, first a sherry and a read,

 starting my meal with some sushi,

and nice it was too,

main course a lamb rogan josh with pilau rice,

eyes down and tuck in!

I rounded off the meal with a nice helping of mango, some time later Diana called, arriving home it was feet up for a coffee, a chat, a Endeavor, a New Tricks and a nightcap before we were off to bed.

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