Tuesday, 16 November 2021

If Colourful Shape Shifting Animations,

and experimental music appeal to you,

this music video for a newly released single by Estonian musician and composer Janek Murd, might well fit the bill,

created by the design studio Tolm, a collection of floating orbs, speckled discs, and a mishmash of flexible rings follow the melody of “AVA,” a mellow tune dominated by a trumpet and xylophone,

“‘Ava’ explores the constant cycle of life—be it a breath of air, passing of a day, (a) full turn of the year, or journey from one’s birth to death,” Murd says about the piece,

you can go behind the scenes with Tolm on Behance,

and watch the full music video above, I have to say listening to the trumpet player in the piece, I was so reminded of Chet Baker, I have several of his CDs,

all of the CDs I have of Chet,

 I have actually copied them to my mobile telephone,

 they are all by Chet Baker,

 not to everyone's taste,

 but I like his music and vocals,

 if  you like his music have a look at Chet Baker, AKA the "prince of cool", if you have time click onto the link where you can listen to a few of his songs, so nice to listen to, from the article,

"Three decades after his death, the world’s fascination with Chet Baker is as strong as ever. When he was at his best, the music he made with his horn was pure poetry, and that’s why it continues to resonate with listeners, both young and old, today"

am amazing musician, and what a sad ending to his career, 

back to the first part of the post, not to everyone's taste but listening to the experimental piece a few times, I do quite like it.

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