Friday, 5 November 2021

It Must Be The Understatement Of The Year,

 “I think I’m going to be fired,”

says Forest & Bird’s Bird of the Year spokesperson Laura Keown, but why? image credit Ian Davidson-Watts, this is the first time New Zealand’s only land mammal has been included in Forest & Bird’s annual contest, and it has flown away with the title, yes you read that correctly, a land mammal has won the best bird photography contest of the year! the New Zealand organization Forest & Bird stages a poll each year to determine the best bird. This year, the winner is the long-tailed bat, or pekapeka-tou-roa, the announcement of the poll results has people wondering how a bat ever got into the competition, much less defeated the actual birds that were in the running, organizers say they included the bat in order to draw attention to it, well it has to be said that they have succeeded beyond all expectations, and just to make matters worse, if such a thing was possible, more votes were cast this year than in any previous year, it is just so batty!

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