Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Today It Was A Girls Day Out,

Diana and Kai had arranged to meet as it was both of their days off,

so it was glad rags on,

Diana meet Kai at New Beckenham station,

as they were going to Charing Cross,

and crossing back across the river,

to visit the London Eye,

but first a few poses,

the good news,

 it was an almost cloudless day,

up, up and away!

Kai and Diana pose for a selfie,

the tickets for the ride were £27.00 each,

which as the girls worked out, was roughly £1.00 per minute per person,


the girls had a selfie stick,

a few more from Diana,

and then,


on the way down,

the girls had a plan, 

they had already booked a table for lunch,

and were planning to have a look at more than a few shops!

ride over they started their walk,

from the South Bank, posing on the way,

towards Tower Bridge,

along the way lots of Christmas themed sculptures,

and stalls,

which were popular,

I am not sure what the drummer Boy has to do with Christmas, a toy I guess, but there he is,

next a look around Hay's Wharf, which we have visited a few times before,

next a trip on the tube, alighting at Leicester Square for a look around China Town,

before walking to the Burger and Lobster for their lunch,

cocktails to start,

then the meal arrived,

and there was lots of it,


time to tuck in,

open wide!

Diana all smiles as was Kai. I remember the last time we were here, I had a beard! for dessert, 

so into Shi Bu Ya it was then,

it is a café, bakery, bar, sushi joint, and ice cream parlour, all rolled into one,

spread over two floors,

after this dessert, the video above, it was then time for the shopping fest to start, as the girls waked to Mayfair as you might guess stopping at every clothes, shoe and handbag shop,

the Christmas lights were now lit,

time for a pose,

or two,

a quick look at the lights,

and naturally a pose in the middle island!

Diana made a video of the lights, 

onward, as the girls walked to Covent Garden, for the huge Christmas tree,

and the domes for diners, Diana arrived back home in the early evening, thoroughly worn out by all of that walking and window shopping,

for myself Diana had bought me some Christmas crumpets to start the day with,

so after posting the blog, exercises a shower and a shave,

tea and buttered crumpets it was! delicious,

Diana had found some of the refrigerator magnets we had bought on some of our trips, Anglesey, Bexhill, Deal and Worthing, these are on the side of our refrigerator, as both front doors are now full! as it happens I think we are still one or two missing, I must have a look in some of the bags we used and have put away, it may seem a bit strange collecting magnets, but each time we look at one it brings back so many memories of the times we have spent together and the places we have visited, next some housework, and the one job I really do not like, cleaning the glass shelves in the bathroom, I am so worried that I will drop and break one of them, but thankfully again this time all went well,

cleaning the aquarium and hoovering over, it was time to give Micky clean, something the previous owner had not done for a long time! using a micro cloth and just soapy water he cleaned up a treat, next week I will pop over and drop him off to Neil to get him up dated to pulse tone dialling, after my evening meal Diana arrived home, so it was feet up for a Hornby, we normally watch the program on Monday, but some football nonsense meant that the program was cancelled until this evening, tonight the main theme was the production of a UK aircraft of World War Two, the Mosquito, the 'Wooden Wonder', we followed that with a Lewis and a New Tricks, I am only making one post today as I am out to meet some friends, so with that we were off to bed.

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