Friday, 19 November 2021

It Looks Pretty In Pink,

but did an army in a conflict ever field a series 2A Land Rover in pink?

as it happens they did! photograph PA Blanchard & Co. ‘Desert pink’ as it was once referred to, was first used in the Africa campaign of World War 2, British researchers confirmed that it was the most suitable camouflage colour for the desert, so a fleet of pink Series 2A Land Rover jeeps was also part of the British SAS from 1968 until 1984. They were known as the Pink Panthers, or Pinkies, it is amazing but true, that unless you were really close to a Pink Panther the pink made it virtually impossible to notice from a distance,

the Pink Panthers were mainly designed for behind-enemy-lines operations in the deserts of Oman, as they blended into the sandy vistas perfectly. Sadly, of the 72 Series 2A Land Rovers that the SAS purchased in the early 1960s, only 20 are estimated to still be around today, one rare Pink Panther was put up for sale in 2019 by PA Blanchard & Co, for $85,000, decommissioned from its military duties in 1986, the model comes with a copy parts book and handbook along with a complete equipment schedule and is so pretty in pink! a pink camouflaged fighting vehicle, who would have thought it?

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