Monday, 1 November 2021

We Both Enjoyed The Extra Hour In Bed,

as the clocks went back early this morning,

on to lunch, a 'Cheers!', and a read,

mussels for starters,

beef for our main course,

sans gravy for myself, with for Diana,

we just had to have some mince pies and fresh cream for dessert,

whilst relaxing after our meal, a Jay clung to the vertical hedge opposite us,

and nice he looked too,

this weeks flowers,

time for our walk,

we had decided to walk down to the green to see if there were any food and drinks stalls and Halloween parties going on there,

on the way I noticed a huge number of mushrooms,

growing between a couple of rocks,

on one of the grass verges, if only my grandmother was here, she would know whether to pick them or not,

we arrived at the green but nothing to be seen,

we decided to continue past the church,

and into town, but no sign of any Halloween celebrations, so back home it was then,

we settled down to a couple of horror movies, and tuck in with some panettone,

firstly Revenge of the Creature, a cult classic, but in the scary dairy stakes a big zero,

I do not like scary movies, they give me the heebie-jeebies, but as it was Halloween, and Diana had not yet watched it, we decided to watch It, I have to say I did not find it scary in the least, I was waiting for the final scare as in Carrie, but nothing, a bit of a disappointment as it happens after all of the hype, with the end of that we were off to bed, but first,

going back to last year, this was the Halloween on the Green,

we were hoping with the lack of a lockdown there would have been the usual night time food and drink stalls, but there it is,

yes myself in Halloween garb a few years ago in Thailand,

in the vein of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride,


and myself, if you are interested in some of our Halloweens, here are three links to some of them,


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