Tuesday, 23 November 2021

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

although it is Diana's day off,

she has been asked to pop over to Greenwich for a one and a haft hour training session, so we thought we would both go and spend some time in the town, so we are up early and out, but back to Monday, Diana was at work, I had a househusband day, hoovering, watering the plants, also I mixed up some soapy water, a few weeks ago Steve and myself noticed a few plants bugs on the orchids, so every week or so I have been giving the leaves a soapy water wash, it seems to be working, as I could not see any of the little blighters this week, I just hope the leaves recover, the good news is that three of them have flowering stems growing, 

after my evening meal Diana called, so down to the 354 bus stop, I was on the opposite side of the road as the bus was coming towards me, I saw Diana get up and start to walk to the exit, but the bus showed no sign of stopping, it thunder past the stop, so I started walking to the next stop, we meet half way towards it, I enquired, "what happened?" the reply, "I forgot to ring the bell", which it has to be said was the answer I expected! arriving home we were just in time for the start of a Lewis which we watched as Diana had her evening meal, we followed that with a New Tricks, after which we were off to bed.

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