Monday, 15 November 2021

If Like Myself,

you believe hydrogen cells not batteries in cars is the way to go,

this is great news indeed, (Image: Getty), Bosch are looking to upgrade technology in the UK. from 2021 to 2024, Bosch plans to invest one billion euros (£850 million) in fuel-cell technology, and estimates that the market for mobile fuel-cell components will be worth around €18billion (£15.37billion) by the end of the decade, Bosch is looking to develop the next generation of powering vehicles, as many companies look to transition away from fossil fuels and look at alternative fuels focusing at the moment on larger vehicles, Tiffany Mittelstenscheid, senior product manager of the fuel cell stack at Bosch, spoke of the investment and their plans, from the article:

“ Already today you can drive from the northern part of Germany to the south of Italy in a hydrogen car, there are already some stations and the target is to have a fuel station at each major connecting point, especially in the big cities, there will be more than one to make it easier for the driver, it is like the chicken and the egg. You need to go step by step, I am really excited to see progress in the major regions of these specific hydrogen focused programmes. We have this in the UK, in Europe, and also regions like China, Korea, Japan and the USA.”

and even better was this finding, they found that the public also agree with them as 55 percent of survey participants think hydrogen should be used to fuel vehicle! way to go! go green, go clean, go hydrogen!

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