Thursday, 18 November 2021

I Accompanied Diana,

on her way to the bus stop,

Diana was on her way to work,

I was going to meet up with Mahendra and Sunda,

we made our way past Foxgrove Lodge, 

and said goodbye at the bus stop, as I had to cross the bridge,

to the 162 stop outside of the station,

arriving in Bromley there was a nice small garden by the bus stop,

my grandmother always used to say if there were a lot of berries in the autumn, it is going to be a hard winter, I wonder if her perdition will be correct?

a part of the garden definitely had a jungle look about it,

this is where we are meeting, the Crown of Bromley,

easy to find as it is opposite Bristol Street Motors,

the well stocked bar,

I was a tad early so I bought a bottle for later,

Sunda and Mahendra were meeting me here, we had a few snacks,

and lots of dishes, we chatted about some of the times we had in Thailand amongst other things, as it happens I found these two photographs of us out there,

the boys on one of their golfing trips, 


Mahendra kindly dropped me off at the green,

Diana had given me a shopping list, so Waitrose it was then, 

a sherry and a read,

before a shell filed with prawns, smoked and baked salmon and tartar sauce,

time to tuck in,

the tree looking nice, Diana still has a few more bits and pieces to put on it,

eyes down for a steak and red wine pie, I decided against a dessert, after my meal Diana called and arrived home, it was feet up for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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