Monday, 1 November 2021

Hugo Is A Film We Have Watched A Few Times Before,

and we both thoroughly enjoyed watching it,

on the cover of the Hugo Blu-ray it says, 'A Magical Masterpiece' and it is, the sets and camera work left us spellbound, the story follows the adventures of Hugo, an orphan who learns how to repair clocks and lives in the railway station, but he has a connection with a shopkeeper there who sells toys, Georges Méliès, it is difficult not to give the plot away, but it was a marvellous film, also before you dismiss this as a kids film this was Martin Scorsese's first PG rated film in 18 years, as another aside if you do buy/rent/borrow this film be sure to watch the 'extras' the true story behind Georges Méliès who is a central character in the film is fascinating, and with that in mind I was so happy to see this,

titled 'A Sunday afternoon in Paris', shot by the Lumiere brothers in 1900 which has been colorized, for myself absolutely fascinating, it is such a crime that so much of their work was destroyed.

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