Tuesday, 2 November 2021

It Appears That Our Green Government,

eventually wants the majority of the populating riding bicycles,

looking at all of the anti car and green legislation against car ownership, so how to make your bicycle standout in the crowd? Dekochari (デコチャリ) is a bicycle decoration movement specific to Japan, and that is characterized by the use of plywood accessories, chrome plating, elaborate light displays and hi-fi audio systems, it all started with trucks, to the 1970s, back when Japan’s Dekotora truck decoration trend started gaining traction, kids decided to copy the craze with their bicycles, photograph Facebook, although the decorations used for dekochari bicycles may seem lightweight, under all that plywood and chrome plating is some heavy equipment, and it’s not uncommon for these vehicles to end up weighing close to, or even over 100 kilograms (220 pounds), and many of them have the added weight of a car battery for the light and sound system,

there are actually shops that specializing in suppling dekotora truck parts and it is from these that aficionados of dekochari bicycles buy the parts needed for their bicycles, most if not all of course are hand made,

nowadays, dekochari bikes are rarely seen on the streets of Japan, and enthusiasts only showcase their creations at special events, there are currently several legal dekochari bike gangs in Japan, including the All Japan Hishyomaru fleet, the All Japan DC Club Ryumaki and the All Japan Kyokugenmaru Gang, so there you have it, to keep Boris and Princess Nut Nuts happy, 'on yer bike!' oops! I might have made a mistake there, it appears it should have been Princess Nut Nut, I stand corrected.

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