Sunday, 14 November 2021

When I Saw This Art Installation,

I thought it was so neat,

all images © Strijdom van der Merwe,

titled “Staircase to Heaven” the sculpture is so deceptive,

South African artist Strijdom van der Merwe partnered with Taiwanese artist Chou Sheng-hsien to create the sculpture for the Nanhui Art Project in Taiwan, which commissioned 14 public works to be installed throughout Taitung County,

when viewed straight on, the towering optical illusion appears to ascend into the sky at an incline,

but the 4.5 metre art work is actually flat!

built with steel square tubing that weighs about 240 kilograms, “Staircase to Heaven” is modelled after van der Merwe’s 2016 project, “Sculptures on the Cliff.” For more of the artist’s works check out his site, even knowing it is flat, I still think it is so neat.

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