Sunday, 14 November 2021

Although I Have Recently Made A Post About Motorcycles,

I am making another one today,

the post concerns this engine, as used in the Honda NR750, aka RC40, NR500, I made a post about it and the motorcycles it was used in back in July 2021,

motorcycles like this one, above photographs MCN, so why feature this motorcycle today? for two reasons firstly it is now 30 years old, just 322 NR750s were ever made, with 220 built in 1992 - of which 20 were the 100bhp RC41 variant for the French and Japanese markets, plus 102 more bikes in 1993, before production was terminated as orders dried up, the second reason it is special is because of these, 

oval pistons with twin connecting rods for each piston! with eight valves lined up atop the pistons, each supported by two connecting rods, the team’s new 4-cylinder engine looked like an 8-cylinder. According to calculation, the engine could potentially reach a maximum speed of 23,000 rpm and output of 130 horsepower, 

and how does it fair against say a modern Ducati? the above video will give you an idea, if you want a part of motorcycle history, at the moment they seen to be going for the wrong side of £100,000,if you can find one for sale, oval pistons, who would have thought it?

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