Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Do You Ever Have Had One Of Those Days Where You Think Nothing Will Go Right,

but it all goes swimmingly well?

I had one of those yesterday, let me explain, over the weekend our Netflix stopped, and the burglar alarm that was off when we moved in and never worked, suddenly started making a beep sound, Diana had tried to make the Netflix start but to no avail, so I thought that on Monday I would start trying to contact Netflix to see how to get it working again, and try to silence the alarm, 

the day started well, the crows called by, and after posting the blog, exercises, breakfast and a shower, I looked again how to start the Netflix service, switch everything off for 30 seconds then switch it all on again and it should work, except it did not, I read a few more articles about how to reboot Netflix and had resigned myself to a lengthy day on the telephone calling them, then I read one more article and it said to remember to discharge your remote control, I had never heard of that before, with everything turned off, point the remote at the television and press the on button for 5 to 10 seconds, which I did, I switched it all on again and it worked! we now have Netflix, next the alarm, I guess the beep was to say that the battery was flat, the remote fuse had already been removed when we moved in, so I disconnected the battery and also removed a couple of internal fuses, all went quite, success! I should say that the alarm is in the hall, off of which is the living room and bedroom, so we hear the beep in both, next off to buy some shoe deodorant, embarrassing I know, but my slippers had a slight whiff, and I also needed some RO water,

in good sprits I was off,

and had a look at the mushrooms in daylight,

they were still all there,

which meant one of two things,

either they were poisonous, or else townies like myself did not know that you could eat them, still it was strange how in all of the area of the grass verges, they only grew in this one very small location,

past the flowers in Foxgrove Lodge,

to Waitrose where the day took a slight downhill, as they did not sell shoe deodorant,

but they did suggest the shoe shop on the corner, so in I went, alas he had sold out, worse still his normal weekly delivery was now due to covid 6 weekly! and not due for another few weeks,

past the church and into Marks & Spencer's, again they did not sell shoe deodorant, but all was not lost,

into Boots, success! I walked across the road and just as I did so a number 54 bus came into view, I could not have planed it better,

I called into the antiques shop by the bus stop and had a nice chat with the lady that owns the business,

then over the road to Kingfisheries for my RO water,

inside Lee and his son Bradly,

were putting up some new shelving,

second panel in place, and off home for myself, in the late afternoon Diana was home, after our evening meal it was a Lewis, then it happened, at 09.20 in the evening a beep, every 2 minutes or so, how on earth was that happening with the battery removed? after 20 minutes or so it all went quite, so that is my job tomorrow, call the burglar alarm company and get it all working again, just as I thought I had such a great day with everything going so well, just my luck! after a New Tricks we were off to bed, only to be woken at 05.20 this morning by a beep!

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