Friday, 12 November 2021


started out well,

first thing I was out,

and making my way into town,

past the church and to the doctors surgery, I was going in for my winter flu jab, so now I was all set for winter, three covid and one flu jab, also an appointment made for my blood test in two weeks time,

next stop the card shop,

then the post office, I had to post a letter by snail mail, a couple of days ago I received a notification from Boots the chemist to call in for my prescription, which was a bit strange as I am not due to run out for another month or so, but as I was passing I thought I would call in and pick it up,

in I went and mentioned that I was not yet due for another 2 months supply of medication, the answer was so simple, the NHS, (National Health Service), did not want anyone to run out of medication over the Christmas period, how thoughtful of the NHS, 

I passed the florist shop with a nice autumnal display,

I forgot to mention that Steve called round and kindly dropped off a new CO2 diffusor and replacement cylinders for the aquarium as he had been in the shop in the morning, and Graham asked if he could drop them off, the old diffusor was slowly blocking up so I replaced it, I mentioned the day started out well, but it went downhill fast as far as posting the blog was concerned, the Internet died, or at least my BT hub did, it just flashed red, so I read the manual, switched it off, waited 5 minuets and switched it back on, still flashing red, not a steady blue light, a call to BT who were very helpful, I was told to use a ballpoint pen to press a reset button, still flashing red, the gentleman at BT said he would try to reset the unit from his end, but no luck, next he arranged for an engineer to call tomorrow morning and also send me a BT mini hub, which will get the Internet up and running until the engineer calls, so that was that, by now it was late in the afternoon,

so time for a sherry and a read,

for this evening I had some chicken live pate and dry toast for my starter,

tuck in,

I went a bit overboard with the Chinese meal I had bought,

which I have to say considering it was a supermarket take away was remarkably good,

I rounded off the meal with some grapes, after a quiz show or two Diana called, arriving home it was feet up for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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