Saturday, 6 November 2021

I Have Always Disliked Battery Powered Electric Cars,

from the mining of resources to make the batteries, 

to the life and disposal of the batteries, for that reason I have always been behind hydrogen cells, so it was with great interest that I read this article from JCB boss Lord Bamford, from the article:

'JCB manufactures diesel engines. We are currently producing 400 a day for our range of farming and building machinery, but with the Government's commitment to end the use of diesel and petrol in cars, it became clear that we needed to look at alternative means of powering our machines, for our industry, however, batteries are not the answer, if the construction and agriculture industries were forced to rely on battery power for large machines, they would be reduced to a stop-start rhythm that is completely unviable, it is not clear how recharging could even be possible for large machines in the middle of a field. It is also certainly impractical and probably unsafe to run an electrical cable across a building site every time the crews need to recharge a 30-tonne machine'.

as I predicted in earlier posts I feel that 25 or so years from now owners of battery electric cars will be demonized, as indeed diesel car drivers were a number of years ago, when hydrogen cell cars become available, the problem at the moment is that the car industry has so much invested in battery cars, that it would mean a huge loss to switch to hydrogen car production, any way an interesting article if you have time to read it.

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