Sunday, 4 April 2021

Every Few Years,

a 'new' fashion comes around,

and the one I am waiting for,

is painted knees! photographs Vintage Everyday and Make Up Museum,

it is hard to imagine it,

but back in the 1920s made up knees were all the rage,

“The latest fad, I am told, is for the ultra smart women to paint their knees,” a reader told the Tampa Bay Times in 1925. “Some women have pictures of their sweethearts painted on their knees. Some have expansive water views with full-rigged ships sailing into the broad harbors. Others have to be content with dainty, very dainty, miniatures, the perfect details of which have to be studied through the magnifying glass.”

as it happens there was a slight resurgence of painted knees in the 1960s,

but nothing since then except this one,

image from @mimles, I wonder if the 2020s will see a repeat of the 1920s?

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