Wednesday, 7 April 2021

It Was Only On Saturday,

that I made a post about bears,

and then today there is another one, image credit: Anthony Michael Carnahan/ Science Magazine, the question, how do bears spend their energy as they search for food? To find the answer to this question, scientists from Washington State University’s Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Centre trained grizzly bears to run on treadmills. What they found in this experiment is that bears are lazy creatures who want to be efficient with their energy usage, Grizzly bears, (Ursus arctos horribilis) need to stock up on energy before they slip into winter hibernation. As opportunistic omnivores, they eat just about anything, berries, roots, grass, insects, and meat, (that could mean you!), anything to put on weight, and that is the reason you often usually see bears around popular hiking trails: they can save energy as many hiking trails are mostly flat, bearing this in mind, you may want to take the hardest, hilliest trail to your destination, unless you want to meet a bear!

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