Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Keeping To April Fool Theme, Was This Headline An April Fool?

'Easter Egg Hunt: UK shoppers disappointed by shortages',

empty Easter egg shelves in the Windsor branch of Waitrose on Saturday, photograph: @stephenfarrow/Stephen Farrow, according to the article, 'One shopper tweeted: “I thought the toilet paper shortage of 2020 was bad, but now we have the Easter egg shortage of 2021! All the shops have sold out … It is an outrage!” another shared a picture of empty shelves in a Waitrose in Norwich, saying: “I should have bought mine at new year.”' all I know is that we were fine, I had bought 2 eggs for Diana, 

and here they are, but wait a second,

the Ferrero Rocher egg box has the 3 Ferrero Rocher chocolates missing! I asked Diana about this when she came home from work, I was amazed, apparently we have a little mouse living in the flat that only eats Ferrero Rocher and other chocolates, well I never! even stranger is that it knows how to open the fridge, as the bar of Toblerone we keep in there has steadily gotten smaller over the past few weeks, what a cheeky house guest! or have I been fooled?

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