Thursday, 1 April 2021

Whilst Watching Movies And The Action Goes Underwater,

I, and I am guessing many of us hold our breath,

to see if we can last underwater as long as the hero/heroine, in the film, I would normally 'die' having to breath way before the actor does, so I was amazed to see that 3 days ago that Budimir Buda Šobat, a 54-year-old man from Croatia, managed to set a new world record for the longest time breath held underwater, after spending 24 minutes and 33 seconds underwater without coming up for air, photograph video screengrab,
the incredible feat was achieved in a swimming pool, in the town of Sisak, under the supervision of doctors, reporters and supporters, and saw the 54-year-old diver push his body to the limit, after spending a few minutes hyperventilating on pure oxygen, to increase body oxygenation, divers are allowed to breathe pure oxygen for up to 30 minutes prior to the attempt, Šobat spent close to half an hour face down in the pool, without coming up for air. It sounds like an impossible achievement for a mere mortal, but for the Croatian daredevil it’s the crowning achievement of years of training and conditioning, admittedly he was not 'active' underwater,  but what a feat, a few years ago, Budimir gave up on his passion, bodybuilding, and embraced static diving, soon becoming one of the world’s top 10 static divers. He managed to break the 24-minute barrier three years ago, but this weekend he broke his own Guinness Record, amazing!

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