Friday, 2 July 2021

After Watching,

Jeremy Clackson's hilarious attempt at sheep herding last week,

the series is titled Clarkson's Farm, I thought I would watch how professionals herd sheep,

vegetable farmer Michael Morgan, who’s referred to as the “king of cabbage,” and South Africa-born herder Keith Markov have managed the flock since 1985, and today it fluctuates between 1,000 and 1,750 individuals, but what makes this so much more interesting,

is the view of how the sheep are herded from above, Haifa-based photographer Lior Patel has spent the last seven months immersed in the daily rhythms of sheep. Hovering above the Peace Valley region of Yokneam, he’s documented a single flock’s grazing process in a captivating time lapse that shows the animals racing across the agricultural landscape and down roadways, each year, the sheep migrate up to seven kilometres from the valley to the outskirts of Ramot Menashe,

but unlike Jeremy, sheep herder Keith Markov does have some help, shepherds Mustafa Tabash, Mahmoud Kaabiyah, Eyal Morgan, and Dan Goldfinger and a few border collies, but then they do have many more sheep than Jeremy, if you find this type of video interesting Patel frequently travels throughout Israel documenting agricultural practices, barges, and the historic architecture of city centres with a drone, you can find more of his aerial photos and footage on his site and Instagram, perhaps Jeremy should watch the above video, to see how sheep herding can be so easy!

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