Wednesday, 28 July 2021

I Walked With Diana,

into town,

we both had to wrap up a bit for the cold,

no one parked up today,

the weather looking grey to say the least,

Diana went to the 162 bus stop, I called into the railway booking office to buy a couple of tickets for Diana's next day off, we plan to go to the coast,

I had a little more shopping to do in town,

I stopped opposite The George, that appears to be having some work done on the roof,

and called into Boots the chemist to pick up my prescription,

walking back, the High Street seemed strangely quiet,

normally it is gridlocked with traffic, but not today,

up the hill and past the church,

to Marks and Spencers, Diana will be working late tomorrow so I picked up a meal I could heat up,

walking back past the graveyard,

I noticed this little chappie looking through the newly mown grass, he seemed quite happy to strike the pose, arriving home I printed a few things upstairs, then watched a Midsomer Murder, then my evening meal, next feet up for a Lewis and a New Tricks, 

when Diana arrived home we watched Suicide Squad (2016), great special effects and almost all action, as a bonus an impressive musical soundtrack, including many favourites,

 some going back a far as Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum, released in 1969, a real goldie oldie, with that end of that we were off to bed.

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