Monday, 26 July 2021

Receiving A Had Written Letter,

is a real rarity these days,

especially if it is written using ink from a bottle, all images courtesy of Drillog,

as opposed to ink from a cartridge in the pen, but the problem in dipping a pen nib into ink is that it can only hold a limited amount of ink,

until now,

as its name suggests, Drillog is a drillbit-shaped pen that holds the ink in its thin grooves that spiral up the side of the nib, it is the product of the CNC-machining factory Shion,

whereas traditional quills require repeated dips and the more modern fountain pen suspends the pigmented liquid in an internal reservoir for longer use, a single dunk of the Drillog should retain enough ink to smoothly fill an A4 size paper,

its interchangeable barrels come in dozens of style-and-colour combinations, and the Japanese company even released a miniature palette with tiny wells designed to reduce spillage. There are just under 40 days to back the fully-funded project on Kickstarter, and you can find out more about the aluminium pen on the Drillog site and Twitter, imagine the days when using ink and a ink well was the only way write a letter, what a revolution this pen wold have been! I have just made link to the updated site, it appears they have now been fully backed, so I guess it is only now a matter of time until the pen is on sale.

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