Monday, 5 July 2021

One Trait Often Associated With Us Brits Is A Propensity For Extreme Eccentricity,

the term 'eccentric' encompasses all manner of affectations, whims and peculiar habits,

which brings me on to the Whitelock Tinker Toy, a 48-cylinder motorcycle which holds the record for the functional vehicle with the most number of cylinders, English motorcycle enthusiast Simon Whitelock is the “madman” responsible for the existence of this outrageous contraption. It is based on the Kawasaki 250 S1, a relatively small bike equipped with a 3-cylinder 250 cc engine capable of putting out 31 hp, but you couldn’t really tell by looking at it. That’s because this souped-up Kawasaki features six rows of eight original S1 cylinders, stripped off of 16 S1 motorcycle engines. All cylinders are connected to a common transmission, borrowed from a BMW motorcycle, having said it is 48 cylinder machine I should point out that a extra 50cc cylinder is required, to start it up!

“The 48 cylinder lump is slightly harder to start than your conventional motorcycle engine, so instead of an electronic starter motor, we decided to use what we call a ‘donkey engine’- a little sub-50cc engine, which is started, and in turn that starts the 48 cylinder engine,” Simon Whitelock explained,

it has I guess what you would call a unique riding position, but it is strangely enough road legal! the British eccentric? I do not believe it!

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