Wednesday, 21 July 2021

For Rare Books,

this is one of the rarest I have seen for sale for some time,

it is the 1570 I Quattro Libri Dell'Architettura, published: Venetia
Appresso Dominico de Franceschi,

size: 12" by 8" it is an exceptional copy of Andrea Palladio's seminal architectural work, 

it is a hugely important work, which outlines Palladio's teachings including the nine rules of identity. Beautifully illustrated after the author's own drawings,

Palladio was the founder of Palladian Architecture. His books, particularly this work, had a wider influence than even his building. Many of his own designs are present in this work which outlines his teachings,

this work provides systematic rules and plans for buildings which were creative and unique, normally priced at £99,000.00 but on sale today at £79,200.00, bargain!

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