Friday, 23 July 2021

This Grove Of Eucalyptus,

is so big the shape of it can only be viewed from above,

photograph Marcelo Campi/500px, up until a few years ago, few people even knew that the Florida Goblet existed, the plantation measures about 500 meters long by 235 wide and the lines that make up the top and bottom of the design are around 13-meters-wide, it is estimated that the eucalyptus plantation was planted over 50 years ago, but its shape remained a mystery to the world until the 2000s, it consists of just under 24,000 trees,

so why is the the Florida Goblet, or “El Candelabro”, as some of the locals know it this shape there? there is not a lot of clear information on that, but according to some of the comments on this 2011 article in El Pais, it’s actually the cattle brand of the rancher that owns the land the trees are planted on, in Uruguay cattle have been branded by their owners since the early 19th century, and in the beginning, every rancher designed their own brand. Nowadays, the Rural Code forces cattle owners to go trough the Registry of Marks and Signs to prove ownership of their animals, so that is why the eucalyptus were planted in that shape all of those years ago, or was it the aliens, again?

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